Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Homeschool is about to start up again on September 7, you know after Labor day when everybody "used" to start school. Benjamin is another year older, and another year smarter. He also LOVES to do what his big brother and sister are doing. So this year when I was buying all of the big kids' school supplies I bought one of everything for Benjamin too (level appropriate of course). I'm really hoping that this will help our year run a lot more smoothly.
I also am getting ready a bunch of curriculum for Benjamin to do. I cut out huge ABC's and posted them along the border of his room. (It was after that project that I really really wish I could have a Cricut die cut machine) I made him flash cards, and I am making him file folder games. I am also printing out and laminating alphabet activities for tracing and matching, a letter a week is the goal. This really great website has tons of printables for preschoolers. He is so excited to start school with his big brother and sister.

I can't believe he's almost 3! He's fully potty trained (except for at night-even his naps are all dry), he can say all of his ABC's, put on his own shoes, pick out an outfit and get dressed by himself, brush his own teeth, the list goes on! He's just growing up too fast!

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  1. Cute picture! Don't forget to laminate the folders too. Just laminate it closed and then xacto knife it back open. You can then turn it inside out and do it again for both sides.