Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

For Thanksgiving all of my siblings came out here. We stayed in a hotel, which was a blast! We went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner.
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Clift Christmas

A few days before Christmas we got together with my parents and went out to dinner and then came back to my house to open up presents. It was a fun night!

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Halloween 2010

At the church trunk or treat we ate dinner, played games, rode ponies, and got candy! I also realize that I don't have many pictures of the big kids during this Halloween, and it's because they're big kids and ran off with friends the whole time! Alex was supposed to be some sort of dragon but didn't wear his mask, so he looks like a blue blob. Ben was supposed to match him, but decided to wear on old buzz lightyear costume instead (honestly I don't blame him). And Katelyn was a witch, which you can see her outfit on the pony, but without her hat, broom and shawl, so pretty much she just looks like she's wearing a skirt. And the picture of her with a sweatshirt was on actual Halloween passing out candy. She wasn't going trick or treating because it was Sunday, so she didn't feel the need to dress up.

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Church Christmas Party

Just trying to catch up a little bit on this blog. This was at the ward christmas party. They had a room set up for the kids to do crafts in. They then also dressed up in nativity clothes and sang a nativity song. But since I was in charge of it, I didn't get a picture of it. And I also just noticed that I put the date on there as 2011 instead of 2010. Oops.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Polar Express

I took the kids for a ride on the Polar Express. It was so much fun! We wore pajamas, got hot chocolate, cookies, went to the North Pole, saw Santa, got a bell, and even had some dancing waiters! Hopefully we can do this every year!

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Photo editing

I discovered a photo editing website, and oh my, so fun! How cute is this?!

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Benjamin's a photographer!

Ben has loved taking my camera and going around the house taking pictures. It's so cute to watch him try to photograph his own face, or his cute toes. He also takes pictures of some of his favorite things at different angles, very methodically. If you look, anything that is yellow is some angle of his Little People bus. He's a funny guy. It's so interesting to watch him, and all of my kids, grow up and discover their own little personalities!

P.S. if you click on the picutre it will be bigger. (But please ignore the unvacuumed carpet, please!)

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