Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

We have been so very blessed this year, so very busy, but so very blessed! We're busy homeschooling, horseback riding, doing archery, learning the alphabet, learning the piano, learning the flute, teaching piano, directing the music for a musical, working a bunch of transcribing jobs, working a lot of overtime and serving in our very busy and demanding callings at church. We are loving life, and can't help but see all of the many blessings around us.
Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
The Johnson Family!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Corn maze date night

We went to the world's largest corn maze in the dark for a super fun date night with our good friends, the Steers. We were so fast at the maze because of a bunch of lovely shortcuts that instead of finishing we turned around and went back to the beginning and did it all over again. Of course we had to sample some of the corn, and get dragged into the corn, we even took some time to take a little rest. It was such a blast, and a great double date!

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More piano recital

Couldn't figure out how to have two piacasa collages on one post, so here is the fun part of the recital. I love to have just fun recitals. It gets the kids used to playing in front of people in a totally relaxed and fun environment. They still seem to get nervous though! We played a version of the spoon and egg game with spoons and little balls that had spiders in them. Then we did a gunny sack race, and ended it with a really fun game of red light green light in the dark with glowsticks. (Didn't get a picture of that because I was the light switch person!) As always we had lots of yummy treats to munch on as we chatted. What a fun recital!

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Halloween Piano Recital 2010

Yes, I'm aware that it is almost Christmas and I'm just getting this up. Life's a lot of fun, but a lot of busy!
I had 14/22 piano students at this recital. We held it at our ward building this year because even though I have a nice open floor plan, it's a little crowded with students and family members! This was a lot better, and hope to continue to have it at the church!

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