Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homeschool year 2010-2011

Today is our first day! I woke up early and made them a delicious breakfast, country potatoes, bacon, and eggs with juice.

We start off our day with devotional where they read scriptures (well you know those church books with pictures that summarize the scriptures for kids), write in a journal, and then we sing a church song that goes along with what they read.

Then we do an hour of math. Well today, we did 50 minutes of math becuase they got their whole lesson and problems done super fast! Now they are reading and practicing handwriting for a half an hour and then we will take a break.

After break we will do an hour of language arts: spelling, more reading, writing, etc. Then an hour of history. (We will do history one day, science the next, history, science. And on fridays we will do their music lesson and art. And that's it! We will be done with our whole day of school before 1:00!

Benjamin started homeschool today too. He woke up and was so excited. He got dressed and ran upstairs. He has his own little desk, and I have all sorts of little preschool activities for him to do throughout the day.

some cute comments from today:

Mom: You are being such a good boy at school, do you want a sticker?

Ben: I not at school, I at home!

Mom: You're right, but you're at homeschool!


Mom: Make sure you listen to me because I'm your teacher!

Ben: You not my teacher! You mom!


during our break Ben asked to take off his clothes. (He likes to run around the house in his underwear, the minute he gets home his clothes are off...)

Mom: Ben, you can't be naked at school!

Ben: PUHLEASE!! Yes be naked!
and now he's running around downstairs naked (okay, he's not technically naked he has on his underwear), screaming, laughing and playing with bubba and sissy for their break.

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