Saturday, August 7, 2010

Potty training update

I'll have you all know that Ben is recovering very quickly, it can still be sore when he touches it in the right place, but he's doing well.

I thought we were doomed and that his little accident would set us back months. Well, I'm afraid to say this out loud, but I think I was wrong! The very next day he said, "I need go pee pee in the potty!" So we ran in and he sat down (I think standing is definitely out of the question for a long while) and he did. He did a couple more times that day. Then we went out to the store and he got to pick out underwear. He played with play dough that I had bought and got distracted and peed in his underwear when we got home. But I think it helped him to learn.

Because the next day he went several times in the potty!

And then the next day when we were out to lunch with grandma he was wearing a diaper (because I didn't want to stress out about it) and he said he had to go. We ran to the toilet and sure enough diaper was dry and he went. Then at grandma and grandpas he went in their little kid potty a couple of times! (awesome grandparents! Who's parent's that don't have little kids anymore actually have a little kid potty in their house, and no it wasn't any of ours when we were growing up!)

So today I took him to the store and we bought Pull Ups for night time and naps, and he saw this toilet seat cover and wanted it. It is so awesome, I was just thinking the day before how someone should really invent a toilet seat for kids that can fold up and fit in a bag for when we're out at restaurants and stores. And there it was the very next day. Today he has gone pee pee several times without being asked, had no accidents, and even went poo poo in the toilet. I'm amazed at how quickly he seems to be getting this. PLEASE cross your fingers that he keeps up with it! This morning after our little trip to the store I took him to ride the train. He definitely deserved it. He's a little too sneaky though because he asks for a train ride every time he goes, maybe once a week. We'll see. And might I add, thank you for reading a whole blog post about body waste, you're awesome!


  1. I'm sooooo jealous!!!! Ava has been peeing on the potty on & off for over a year, but can't seem to tell us when she needs to go, we just have to keep asking. And she refuses to poop on it, though she's done it maybe 3 or 4 times. I'm at a total loss...and we bribe her with everything!!!! So glad you're little man gets it, he just must be ready, maybe Ava is not.

  2. Congratulations! That is so exciting!! Don't be too discouraged if he has a few setbacks sometime in the near future. It's hard work learning to use those muscles like that and sometimes they "take a break" from the new skill. In the meantime, Way to go Ben!!

  3. You know they had those folding little potty seats when Joel was little. I had one for the boys. Although the one I had was (pink) and no cute little designs on it. But it worked! Tell Ben Grandma is really proud of him.