Monday, September 3, 2012

Monterey Bay 2012

Things have finally slowed down at Joel's work and he was able to get 10 days in a row off! We relaxed at home his first 3 days off, then went to Monterey Bay for the next 4 days, then we had 3 more days to relax at home before he goes back to work tomorrow:(

 On our way up from the beach one night we passed the pool and I let the boys run in and jump in for a little night swim. Talking to Benjamin that night when we were getting ready for bed I asked him what his favorite part of the day was, and he said the night swim!
 Down at the beach waiting for the sun to set. It was beautiful, but pretty chilly!
 Ben and the sunset.
 Kate and the sunset.

Alex and the sunset.
 Ben was wearing daddy's sunglasses so he could look at the sunset a little better.

 One of the days we drove 15 miles north and went to this neat beach called Natural Bridges. They had amazing tide pools. This was a really great beach. We had a blast exploring.

 Alex exploring the tide pools.

 One of the days the kids and Joel had fun digging holes, castles, and burying each other. I enjoyed sitting and relaxing as I watched.

 Alex buried.
 Ben completely buried. It was sure fun trying to get all the sand off of him!
 Joel buried my feet. It helped me to stay warmer.

 They found a crab!
 Ben playing with some seaweed.

 This is the view from our room's balcony. It was a foggy morning, but past the trees is the ocean. It was so beautiful!

The boys in our hotel room. It was such a great room, a family room, a little kitchen (helped us save a ton of money because we made all but one meal in our hotel room!), and a bedroom. A little home away from home.

We feel so blessed and grateful we are able to have such fun adventures together as a family!! Can't wait for next time:)