Friday, January 15, 2010

Nut Tree Park

During Christmas break we went shopping and Ben was really good so we took him to ride the train. This is him waiting as patiently as he could for the train to come back. The other day he saw the Nut Tree sign onthe other side of the freeway while we were driving and he said "Choo Choo mama!"
When is the train going to go?

Katelyn and Ben on the spinny toy.

Life size chess game. Joel is teaching the big kids to play chess so they had a lot of fun practicing on this.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So these are all out of order because I always forget I have to go backwards in time when I'm uploading them, but I don't want to spend the time to go back and do it again. Sorry! :)
Joel's Grandpa playing the Wii. We were bowling. We brought our Wii Santa gave us last year over because Grandpa bought the kids some new games to play.
Ben's great Aunt Allison bought him a battery powered train that he just loved to play with and watch.

Grandpa bought Ben a new tricycle. He loves it so much. And Alex and Katelyn love it just as much. They ride it all around downstairs.

Great Grandpa Mills with Alex, Ben, and Katelyn.

Katelyn opening her special present, a Tinkerbell DS game she wanted.

This is Alex on Christmas morning with the skateboard he'd been asking for for months!

Ben playing with his kitchen that Grandma and Grandpa Clift bought him.

Coming down the stairs Christmas morning.

The kids on Christmas Eve.
We had a wonderful Christmas season. We enjoyed having Joel home for a week and a half for a wonderfully relaxing vacation! More pictures to follow, but probabaly another day! :)

Making Christmas Cards.