Friday, May 27, 2011

New House

We are trying to buy a new house. Trying, being the operative word. We've put offers on several houses, with no luck. We finally found a house we love, it's the perfect size, perfect layout, and perfect price, and not just a house we'll eventually grow out of and have to upgrade, but a house that we can stay in until our children are grown, and even longer depending where life takes us. Our offer was accepted by the seller March 8th, but it's a short sale, so it has to go through the banks that the sellers owe a bunch of money to. We got approval from the bank on the 1st mortgage, and we finally got approval from the same bank that holds their 2nd mortgage. But there was a hiccup because the 2nd mortgage didn't release the seller from liability, and so we wait some more while they negotiate a deal. Things are still looking up and we will more than likely get the house, but it's really annoying to sit here waiting, hoping that every phone call is our real estate agent telling us yes, we got the house, or no, we didn't. Either way, I'd like to know! Here is a link to our maybe future house. There is work to do to it, but it's all cosmetic.

Okay, so the link doesn't work anymore because it was taken off of the listing page because it's all ours! I will put up pictures of before and after. We've got some work to do before we can move in, but we are so dang excited! Can't wait for closing, which if all goes well with the appraisal should be the 20th of June!


My children are starting to get older, and this is becoming more and more evident in many ways, but I am especially starting to notice it because of how much they sleep! Especially little miss Katelyn. It used to be that my children would sneak downstairs to watch cartoons while I was asleep, or they would come into my room to wake me up (at 7 am). But now it's 8:47 am and they are ALL still sleeping and I have been up for almost 2 hours with all this time to myself. It's very interesting... I've checked my email, facebook, and blogs, read 3 articles from the recent General Conference talks, and have time to sit and do a little blogging myself. And to make things even better my sweet husband has been getting up before he goes to work every day and cleans the kitchen for me! It's so sweet that that little act of kindness has improved my days exponentially. I cook more, I play with the kids more, I teach the kids more, I relax more! I would have to say that life is really great!

Train bridge

Aunt Kristin came to town and our mom took us out to a really yummy lunch at Putah Creek Cafe (it was on the Food Network!) and right down the street from our delicious lunch was on old railroad bridge that had been turned into a fun walkway. Benjamin is obsessed with trains and we could not pass up playing on the bridge.