Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Potty training

First let me say that I haven't posted much because my perfect little angel 2 year old thought it would be fun to cut the charging cord of our new camera. So until I get myself to radio shack I will be half cameraless (I have a half way okay one on my phone for super cute moments).

Okay, potty training. Ben couldn't care less. I bribe the guy, I give the guy stickers, candy, offer toy trains, and lately I have slumped to offering him a ride on a train at the Nut Tree. He seemed like the train ride would be all right with him. Until it came down to it.

Mom: Ben, do you want to go pee pee on the potty?

Ben: No.

Mom: I'll take you for a train ride.

Ben: Go on train ride right now?

Mom: If you go on the potty.

Ben: I no go on train ride.

So that's pretty much how our conversations go. He cries and whines when we try to let him go without a diaper. He insists that he NEEDS a diaper. And if he does run around in the buff when it's time for him to go poo poo or pee pee he comes and finds me and insists that I put a diaper on him so he can go. I beg and plead with him to use the toilet and he just doesn't want to go!! Stubborn little guy. (I can hear my mom saying, "couldn't happen to a nicer person" right about now:)

Something wonderful happened today. Katelyn got Benjamin in cute little boxers, and he loved it. He put his little stuffed animal in boxers, and they hung out together. Ben went pee pee on the potty several times today. He knew when he had to go and he ran. It was his first time going pee pee standing up. Usually I have him sit, but he wanted to stand, and hey beggers can't be choosers.

WARNING: a little too much information below.

So after about his 5th trip to the potty he closed the toilet lid. Not gently. He slammed it shut. But he. forgot. to. move. his. penis. out. of. the. way.

I came running when I heard his awful scream to find blood and a very sad little 2 year old.

Now before you freak out it was just a little cut, but it was both sides, and it was swollen and bruised. We called the doctor and they told us to come in to the ER just to be safe. So we did. Everything is going to be fine. Nothing major happened thank goodness. But I'm pretty sure that this is going to damper our potty training success. That's just what he needed another excuse to not go in the potty:)


  1. Oh my, his poor little peepee! That had to hurt. But I hear you with potty training, it is just plain rotten sometimes. Ava will go all day on the potty (with us telling her to-no informing us when she needs to) and the next she'll fight and scream against it. I'm at a loss on what to do. And with baby coming in less than a month, I'm just going to lightly back off for now. Good luck with tomorrow!

  2. Poor little guy!!! Let's me know what to try and watch out for when we start doing the potty stuff with our little boy

  3. Oh man, that is the worst! Poor little guy. And talk about a negative association with the potty! I'm sorry!!

  4. sorry that happened, really I am, but that is just plain funny.

  5. It is definitely one of those stories that is sad during but funny after, I agree:)