Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Homeschool is about to start up again on September 7, you know after Labor day when everybody "used" to start school. Benjamin is another year older, and another year smarter. He also LOVES to do what his big brother and sister are doing. So this year when I was buying all of the big kids' school supplies I bought one of everything for Benjamin too (level appropriate of course). I'm really hoping that this will help our year run a lot more smoothly.
I also am getting ready a bunch of curriculum for Benjamin to do. I cut out huge ABC's and posted them along the border of his room. (It was after that project that I really really wish I could have a Cricut die cut machine) I made him flash cards, and I am making him file folder games. I am also printing out and laminating alphabet activities for tracing and matching, a letter a week is the goal. This really great website has tons of printables for preschoolers. He is so excited to start school with his big brother and sister.

I can't believe he's almost 3! He's fully potty trained (except for at night-even his naps are all dry), he can say all of his ABC's, put on his own shoes, pick out an outfit and get dressed by himself, brush his own teeth, the list goes on! He's just growing up too fast!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Because I know you're anxiously waiting...

More potty training updates! No accidents in over a week!! Not even one! Not even at the stores, or while he's playing, or even at church! He even has gone 4 nights waking up completely dry, and all of his naps have been completely dry! Go Ben!!

Father and Sons Campout

Every year our church has a father and sons campout, usually my dad's campout is one week, and then our campout is another week so they can go to both if they want. But this year it was the same weekend, so my boys went with my dad for a grandpa, dad, and sons campout. They had a blast!

My boys really love their grandpa!

(I promise Joel was there, he just took all the pictures! So dad, if you took any of him and his sons send them on over!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Alex's baptism!

Alex got baptized this year. It was such a great day, he was so happy and excited all day long. I made this cake for him. My friend Nikki told me about someone that did it and encouraged me to go for it. I have never made a cake that wasn't in a pan or in cupcakes. She even came with me to the store at 8:45 at night so we could get what I needed before Michael's closed. I was pretty pleased with my "first cake."
This is Alex's best friend Reese. Don't tell him I told you, but I really hope that they get married and we can frame this picture for display at their wedding reception. :)
We had family come from out of town, and we had so much visiting with them! From the left is Alex's grandma Lynda (Joel's mom), Brad (Joel's brother), Great Grandpa Mills, Alex and great grandma Loretta! Not standing here because he probably ducked out of the way is Uncle Ryan. Thanks for coming!

I took their picture as they were looking into the sun. Not a great idea.

Right before Alex got baptized by his daddy.

Good looking guys!

My boys before the baptism! What a great day! We're proud of you Alex and all of the great choices you are making in life. I am also so proud of how much you know about the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are such a great and amazing guy! We love you!!!!

Potty training update

I'll have you all know that Ben is recovering very quickly, it can still be sore when he touches it in the right place, but he's doing well.

I thought we were doomed and that his little accident would set us back months. Well, I'm afraid to say this out loud, but I think I was wrong! The very next day he said, "I need go pee pee in the potty!" So we ran in and he sat down (I think standing is definitely out of the question for a long while) and he did. He did a couple more times that day. Then we went out to the store and he got to pick out underwear. He played with play dough that I had bought and got distracted and peed in his underwear when we got home. But I think it helped him to learn.

Because the next day he went several times in the potty!

And then the next day when we were out to lunch with grandma he was wearing a diaper (because I didn't want to stress out about it) and he said he had to go. We ran to the toilet and sure enough diaper was dry and he went. Then at grandma and grandpas he went in their little kid potty a couple of times! (awesome grandparents! Who's parent's that don't have little kids anymore actually have a little kid potty in their house, and no it wasn't any of ours when we were growing up!)

So today I took him to the store and we bought Pull Ups for night time and naps, and he saw this toilet seat cover and wanted it. It is so awesome, I was just thinking the day before how someone should really invent a toilet seat for kids that can fold up and fit in a bag for when we're out at restaurants and stores. And there it was the very next day. Today he has gone pee pee several times without being asked, had no accidents, and even went poo poo in the toilet. I'm amazed at how quickly he seems to be getting this. PLEASE cross your fingers that he keeps up with it! This morning after our little trip to the store I took him to ride the train. He definitely deserved it. He's a little too sneaky though because he asks for a train ride every time he goes, maybe once a week. We'll see. And might I add, thank you for reading a whole blog post about body waste, you're awesome!

Recent family picture

I don't know if you can really say that February was recent, but it's the most recent one we've got! I am looking at my hair then and now, and I think I want to go get a haircut monday, it is just not doing anything cute anymore!

My kids!

One of the fun things we got to do this summer was go to Nevada for a family reunion on my dad's side. There were probably at least 100 people there, and it was great to see cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents that we hadn't seen in a while!
It would have been better if this little cutie wasn't sick and I didn't have to keep him away from everybody. It's a good thing he's cute:)
But I have an awesome cousin Sarah that offered to take pictures of my kids. She got some really cute ones of the little guy, I just love how his eyes pop.

But my two older ones were just not cooperating with those cameras. We only had about 2 minutes to get some pictures because there was a fun activity starting. But we got some good ones in! Now if only I had done Alex's hair... :)

Katelyn was a great help during this camping trip, such a trooper. And she had lots of fun!

Can't believe she's almost 11.

Cute of the boys, poor Kate is squinting.

Thanks for the fun time and great memories Clift family! See you in a couple years!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Potty training

First let me say that I haven't posted much because my perfect little angel 2 year old thought it would be fun to cut the charging cord of our new camera. So until I get myself to radio shack I will be half cameraless (I have a half way okay one on my phone for super cute moments).

Okay, potty training. Ben couldn't care less. I bribe the guy, I give the guy stickers, candy, offer toy trains, and lately I have slumped to offering him a ride on a train at the Nut Tree. He seemed like the train ride would be all right with him. Until it came down to it.

Mom: Ben, do you want to go pee pee on the potty?

Ben: No.

Mom: I'll take you for a train ride.

Ben: Go on train ride right now?

Mom: If you go on the potty.

Ben: I no go on train ride.

So that's pretty much how our conversations go. He cries and whines when we try to let him go without a diaper. He insists that he NEEDS a diaper. And if he does run around in the buff when it's time for him to go poo poo or pee pee he comes and finds me and insists that I put a diaper on him so he can go. I beg and plead with him to use the toilet and he just doesn't want to go!! Stubborn little guy. (I can hear my mom saying, "couldn't happen to a nicer person" right about now:)

Something wonderful happened today. Katelyn got Benjamin in cute little boxers, and he loved it. He put his little stuffed animal in boxers, and they hung out together. Ben went pee pee on the potty several times today. He knew when he had to go and he ran. It was his first time going pee pee standing up. Usually I have him sit, but he wanted to stand, and hey beggers can't be choosers.

WARNING: a little too much information below.

So after about his 5th trip to the potty he closed the toilet lid. Not gently. He slammed it shut. But he. forgot. to. move. his. penis. out. of. the. way.

I came running when I heard his awful scream to find blood and a very sad little 2 year old.

Now before you freak out it was just a little cut, but it was both sides, and it was swollen and bruised. We called the doctor and they told us to come in to the ER just to be safe. So we did. Everything is going to be fine. Nothing major happened thank goodness. But I'm pretty sure that this is going to damper our potty training success. That's just what he needed another excuse to not go in the potty:)