Saturday, August 7, 2010

Alex's baptism!

Alex got baptized this year. It was such a great day, he was so happy and excited all day long. I made this cake for him. My friend Nikki told me about someone that did it and encouraged me to go for it. I have never made a cake that wasn't in a pan or in cupcakes. She even came with me to the store at 8:45 at night so we could get what I needed before Michael's closed. I was pretty pleased with my "first cake."
This is Alex's best friend Reese. Don't tell him I told you, but I really hope that they get married and we can frame this picture for display at their wedding reception. :)
We had family come from out of town, and we had so much visiting with them! From the left is Alex's grandma Lynda (Joel's mom), Brad (Joel's brother), Great Grandpa Mills, Alex and great grandma Loretta! Not standing here because he probably ducked out of the way is Uncle Ryan. Thanks for coming!

I took their picture as they were looking into the sun. Not a great idea.

Right before Alex got baptized by his daddy.

Good looking guys!

My boys before the baptism! What a great day! We're proud of you Alex and all of the great choices you are making in life. I am also so proud of how much you know about the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are such a great and amazing guy! We love you!!!!


  1. Love that cake .. super cute!

  2. LOVE that cake! So great! I might do something similar for Pete..

  3. It was so fun to be there! Love you all!

  4. I had fun "creating" it with you! I got to help "think it up" and then I didn't have to do any dishes or buy anything! It was heavenly! Anytime you need help crafting, I'm your girl!!

    PS Alex is a great young man!