Sunday, June 13, 2010


Huge success!!

Thanks to grandpa Clift our bunk bed is fixed. So today Joel put it together. Benjamin was soooo excited to help daddy. He stayed with him the whole time. He got a screwdriver and was screwing in screws, and learning names of tools. So cute.

Then when the bed was finished he was saying it was "my bunk bed," and for those of you who know him well you might be shocked that he wasn't saying "baby's bunk bed." He tried to claim the top bunk, but once I put his Thomas the Train sheets on the bottom he was on board. Tonight Alex laid in the bottom bunk with Benjamin.

I went into the room to give Ben a bottle, he held my hand while I sang him a song. Then I said I would be right back. By the time I got back he was asleep cuddling Alex.

I must admit that "all you people" might actually be on to something. I actually stuck with this whole bed thing for a week and it has gotten easier and easier. However, I want to add that I have always had a hard time leaving him in his bed crying. I can just see him telling me when he's older that he has to take sleeping pills because he has abondonment issues from when he was 2. So, I made sure this was never a cry thing, it was an exciting thing. I stayed with him to comfort him, and left a little earlier every night.

Now I just need to keep up with it. 21 days I heard is how long you do something before it's actually a habit. But don't worry I won't blog for 14 more days.

Thanks for keeping me motivated to make this milestone!

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  1. I'm glad it's working for you. I had to laugh because you said you were worried he'd grow up and need sleeping pills because of abandonment issues. I thought you were going to say he'll grow up and need sleeping pills because there isn't anyone to hold his hand or snuggle with to get him to sleep. LOL! He will be fine though. You are a great mom and he's a great kid so he'll do well in spite of any "mistakes" you might make. (I don't think what you are doing is a mistake, just in case you might think that's what I'm saying. You are doing awesome!)