Friday, November 5, 2010

Katelyn's 11th Birthday!

See, no camera, but kind of a cool picture anyway.
Shaving cream and a razor! AAAAHhh!!

Twirly skirt from Grandma Clift.

Opening up her presents that she already knew what they all were. For her birthday week I took her out shopping with just us girls and we went to tons of stores, I gave her a budget and she went on a shopping spree. It was so much fun!


  1. Sam says, "My cousin Katelyn, she is so old! Do you know how old she is? She's so old that she was born in the NINETEENS!!"

  2. Kathy!! So I looked at pretty much all your posts. haha. You are doing so great being a wife and mom. I still can't believe that Katelyn is 11 and what a stud Alex is!! Ben is 3!!?! What the?! Where did all the time go? My blog is no longer private, so you can check mine out when ever now. (I do need to put halloween up still) I love reading your posts and seeing everything that's going on. it's funny, this all started around the same time you asked me to be your roommate all those years ago! haha. I am still glad that I did, living with you guys was so fun (and trying at times) but I wouldn't change it for a second! I hope you're doing well. I'll talk to you later!! Tell Joel S. Johnson that I say HI!!!