Thursday, November 4, 2010


I love Fall! Yes I know the first day of Fall was 2 months ago, but we've had a really busy and fun Fall so I haven't really blogged about it. I'm going to attempt to try and catch up a little bit.

First off I have been without a camera because my darling Benjamin thought it would be hillarious to cut the charging cord. I could have easily gone to Radio Shack and gotten another one, but it was just one of those things you never remember to get around to. So I used my phone's camera, which is actually not that bad during the day. Katelyn wearing her new fall skirt decorating stairs. It took me one day before I tore those down I couldn't stand all those little pumpkins being picked off and all over the stairs all of the time!

My new mirror, it was free from a friend.

Pumpkins from our garden! The fabric pumpkins I made, found the idea on a blog I follow, don't remember which one. Sorry.


I made the 2 pillow cases in the back all by myself!
Happy Fall!

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