Friday, November 5, 2010

Carson City

My parents were driving up to Carson City, NV to visit an old friend and like I tend to do my kids and I tagged along for the ride. (My husband was working)

We saw a cute little train museum and had to stop because Benjamin just adores trains. It was small, but Ben really enjoyed it. The bigger kids really wished we had gone to the Children's museum instead, and so did I.

We got to ride on a hand car, it went a lot faster than I was expecting, and the kids had a blast! (Pretty much the big kids' only highlight.)

On the way there we stopped because we were talking about the pretty river and Ben couldn't see it and really wanted to get out to see it, so we did. He's pretty much spoiled like that. I love this picture though, classic Grandpa Clift and Ben. Ben tags along with his grandpa wherever he goes, whatever he does. Two peas in a pod.

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