Friday, November 5, 2010

Horseback Riding and Archery Lessons

Because my stinking blogger puts pictures on backwards and I don't feel like redoing it, we're going to start with the most recent pictures. Alex at archery, he hits bullseyes all the time, has good form, and just loves it.
He really wants to keep doing archery lessons until he can go to competitions. And bonus, if we ever are in a position where we have to hunt our food, Alex will be our guy! :)
Katelyn and her teacher. She is in love with her horse Sonny. She writes about him for school work, draws pictures of him for art. She even got some cute cowgirl boots just to ride him!
Katelyn's first day. Grooming the horse.
Walking the horse out. I rarely get to see Katelyn ride her horse because her lessons start at 9:30 and Alex's archery lessons are at 10:00, so we drop her off watch her for 10 minutes and then drive to Alex's lessons. I feel comfortable leaving Katelyn, but I don't feel comfortable leaving Alex in the middle of nowhere shooting arrows. At least with Katelyn there are a lot of other people around.

Alex's first day with the teacher helping him.

Good form Alex!

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