Sunday, November 21, 2010

Circle Skirts

My mom came across an idea for these circle skirts. You fold the fabric in quarters, cut along the fold and when you unfold it it is a complete circle skirt, no piecing anything together. So easy! So I had my dad cut me out a pattern for Katelyn and I got to work.

Pretty toile I added for fun. First I ruffled the toile by running a line done the whole length and I pulled the bobbin thread and ruffled it as evenly as I could. Then I sewed it on to the under part of her skirt. It was easy, and makes it so cute. However, the toile that I found that doesn't itch her (she is very, very picky about her fabric, shreds pretty easily, so I stopped adding it.)

I saw an idea on a blog that had a witch's hat appliqued onto a shirt and I just had to do it. I used some coordinating fabric and cut out a hat, sewed it on, so easy! I'm sure I should have used some sort of backing, but I like shortcuts!

The whole ensemble!

And of course a matching bow!
Since these pictures I have whipped out several skirts, probably at least 6. I haven't taken any pictures of them. Guess I should.
I just finished my last project for Katelyn and my cute niece Lily who is coming for Thanksgiving. I made them matching skirts, and matching applique turkey shirts, and of course matching bows. Stay tuned!


  1. Cute! I should make Ava some clothes again, I've made her a couple dresses, but it's just so much work.

  2. What great ideas Kathy!! You should make ME a skirt!! lol.