Friday, May 7, 2010

Update Pictures!

I am the musical director at the local catholic school, and we put on School House Rock Jr. in February. They tricked Joel and told him they needed help lifting heavy things behind stage, instead they gave him a wig and he was a "founding father" He was a really good sport!
Katelyn got to be a dancer in the play. She had a lot of fun, and she loved the experience!

Our fun cousins came to visit, and we loved spending lots of time with them. Cami and Katelyn are the best of friends!

With our cousins at Kids Gone Wild.

Joel's birthday. He went to a LDS bookstore and bought tons of new books and such, so on his actual birthday all he had to open was hair cutting clippers!

We celebrated Joel's birthday with his grandpa. He always treats us so great on our birthdays and gets us delicious cakes!
I have hundreds of pictures to go through. That's what happens when your camera dies and then your computer dies. So many more pictures to come!

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