Thursday, May 13, 2010

My new phone

Here is a picture of my new phone. The guy at Verizon tried really, really hard to talk me into getting a more expensive one. I didn't bite. So I hope that I don't have problems with this since he said I might. But I talked to my awesome brother, Jon, and he sat on the phone with me and looked up reviews, and gave me his opinion.

So, what seemed like 2 hours at the Verizon store I got a new phone, the one I wanted. Cheaper, but still way more technologically advanced than I have ever had. I will say that I was a little irritated that the guy at the store was treating me like a little kid when he was trying to explain how this thing works. I took the phone and hooked up both my emails and facebook while he was doing something on his computer, and he was very surprised that I could do it that quick. Hello, I'm not stupid:)

Alex (7) was with me at the store, and he took the phone while I was talking to the dude, and he found the App store, got a few games and was sitting playing them. Okay, now that I was impressed with. How do these kids learn these things so quickly?

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