Saturday, May 22, 2010

Girls Weekend

Friday Katelyn and I waved goodbye to all the boys (even Benjamin!) they went to a Father's son campout, then we went to get a pedicure, got pretty, went out to eat, went shopping, went and rented a bunch of movies and got a ton of junk food. Then we took the movies home and lied down in my bed and then we heard a mouse in our ceiling. We banged on the walls, and then we turned the tv up and it just got louder. So we packed up our stuff and drove to my mom's house. We got there and vistited my grandparents, then we went out to dinner again! We went back to my mom's house and watched a movie.

Saturday Katelyn and I stayed in bed until 11:00. Oh it was wonderful! We started watching a movie, and then the boys came home. Then we went to an antique store, then out to lunch, then we went to see Shrek in 3D.

Now we are home, everybody is whiney because they are tired, and I still have to practice the organ, and pack up the stuff for sharing time in primary. It was sucn a fun and busy weekend. I got absolutely nothing done, but had a blast.

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