Monday, May 24, 2010



I think it will look better centered, but then there wouldn't be room for my basket full of diapers and wipes:)

I'm tired of my room being the catch-all room. So slowly I have been trying to make it a nice place to go at the end of the day.
So, I took an old nightstand that we got from Joel's grandpa. It is a really nice and sturdy nightstand, but it just didn't go in the room. I got some paint in the clearance at Lowe's for $2.50, painted some of Katelyn's things with it and decided I liked it a lot. So I bought some antiquing glaze (the blue is a pretty light blue, but without the glazing the nightstand looked like it belonged in Katelyn's room, not mine.) and I went to work. I'm pretty proud of myself because instead of taking shortcuts like I normally do, I did all the steps, primer, paint, paint, glaze, and gloss. And I bought some new handles (thanks to my mom who went with me and stood there as I looked through probably every single handle they had until we found one that would work). I really love it a lot!


  1. Kathy, your night stand seems to have a smile on it's face (2 wide-set eyes, a nose, and a smiley mouth!) How nice!! Glad it worked out!

  2. Good choice on the swirlie ones. You had a good "sense" for it. It works very well there.