Friday, October 16, 2009

Rotisserie Chicken

I have been trying really hard lately to plan our meals ahead of time, you know, before actually going to the grocery store, and it has really helped. Taco Bell has missed us.

This week I planned my meals mostly around chicken. I bought an already cooked rotisserie chicken ($4.98 at Costco) shredded it all up and saved it. It makes any dish any night of the week go by extremely fast, and it tastes delicious.

Last night for dinner I used shredded chicken, threw it in a frying pan with some spaghetti sauce (from a jar left over in the fridge) threw in some taco seasoning, and done! Tortilla chips, lettuce (I used a spinach mix last night and really loved it), sour cream, refried beans, salsa, and some shredded cheese. Easy, delicious, and the best yet, it uses items I always keep so it's good for a fast-I-don't-feel-like-cooking meal!


  1. we used canned chicken for the same type of recipes. not as tasty, but cheaper and good in caserole type stuff! xok