Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween piano recital

My piano students. 13 students came, I have 18 students. Pretty good turn out! I loved all of their Halloween costumes.
We had a lot of yummy Halloween food, crafts, fog machine, bubble machine, dry ice,face painting, bean bag toss, relay races, and pumpkin bowling. I like to have fun and relaxing piano recitals so the kids get used to playing in front of people in a non-stress kind of way.

Alex and Ben playing in the dry ice fog, Alex and Katelyn played their piano pieces so great, and Joel did an awesome job helping me set up all day for the recital. Alex played twinkle little star, and Book of Mormon stories. He played really really fast and did a great job! Katelyn played The Caravan, and Blue and Low, she played so awesome and got a lot of compliments!
I wish there were three of me, actually four of me. I didn't get any pictures of the kids doing crafts and games because I was too busy trying to talk with parents, man the food, man the crafts, and man the games. But other than that this recital was a huge hit.

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