Monday, October 12, 2009

I love Fall!

First Day of October we made Mummy Hot dogs, monster mouths, orange juice, orange jello, and had cute little pumpkin straws! The kids made a graveyard in the middle of the mouths.
We love Fall! We decorated for fall on the first day of autumn, never mind that it was still 100 degrees! :)

These are the pumpkins from our garden! One of them was on for too long and rotted, and there are a couple more still growing!


  1. Great crop Kathy! So are you going to make punkim pies out of them. I did that every year and froze them (uncooked) and we had pie all year long! Hey are you going to make the kitty litter cake for holloween?

  2. WOW, your garden did great! We tried pumpkins one year and maybe got one good one out of it. Cute food ideas too!