Monday, October 12, 2009

Katelyn's Birthday!

Katelyn turned 10 on the 10th! To make this special birthday memorable we threw her a surprise party! Daddy took her boating with her brother and a friend, while mom set up he party with grandma and grandpa, and Kate's birth mom.
Dad and mom got Katelyn a phone this year! It was earlier than we had planned, but she is getting old enough to stay home for an hour or so by herself and we don't have a house phone. And we thought she would like this a lot more than a house phone, and it's cheaper!

This is her in the mornin with her tiara sunglasses and birthday girl pin.

At her pajama party we did manicures, pedicures, facials, foot bath, we made hair flowers, decorated pillowcases and made bracelets!

All of her friends had a fun time hiding and jumping out to surprise her! It was a fun and very successful party! (Made even more enjoyable thanks to parents for taking Ben!)
Happy Birthday Katelyn!!

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