Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A week before I took the kids to San Diego, we went to Bodega Bay with some friends of ours. It was beautiful, and a lot of fun. Except we liked San Diego better because the water was way warmer!!

(I am playing with Picasa because I just started using it and I am trying to figure out how it all works. I wasn't really pleased with my last entry about San Diego using Picasa because it was too blurry. The last picture I stretched to make it bigger, so I'm trying to see if not stretching it will help the quality. How do you guys all use Picasa? Do you click on "Blog This" on your Picasa page, or do you select a file to upload from your google page?)

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  1. I "export" everything and save it on my hard drive, then upload it from there. But I am sure there is a better way. Good luck. Let me know if you figure out the tricks!

  2. I really like Picasa (far better than Kodak). It is a good basic pix fix and file system for pictures out there. I have tried the "blog it" and I don't like it. I also use the upload, it seems to work easier, at least for me. As far a keeping your pixs from bluring and getting out of shape. when you make them bigger or smaller, use the arrow in the corner of the pix so it keeps it's prepective clear. Any other questions, call me sweetie.