Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cash for Clunkers!

So Joel's car has been falling apart for years. We bought it from my sister Kerry about 4 years ago for a measly $500, and have managed to barely keep it running. There is a leak in the power steering fluid, so Joel has to put oil in it everyday. There is no A/C, and in this 100 degree weather after working outside with a welding suit, coming home isn't very fun. It needs a new rack and pinion (whatever that is), and it needs a lot more that I have no idea because I don't really speak engine.

We are pretty positive that it won't pass smog this coming registration (it barely passed last year). I tried to convince Joel to get a scooter, but he laughed. So, I found the cheapest car out there, base model. The only thing it has is A/C, no radio, no power anything. But he's okay with that because face it, anything is better than what he was driving!!

I spent almost all of Saturday finding the car that we wanted. The city where we live had one, but it had upgrades and we don't want to afford the upgrades. So I found the color, and make and model that I wanted in Napa. So I drove in the heat, with no A/C to Napa all by myself. (Joel stayed home with the kids, because face it, who want kids running around while you're making such a big purchase?) I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic; which in turn almost over heated the clunker. I pulled into the dealership just in time for it to start overheating, and for the power stearing to go out.
The kids are loving our new ride, so we've been driving it around town to do all of our errands today. Yeah for a new car, yeah for the great deal that gave me $4,500 dollars for my piece of junk car that is barely worth $100. Boo for the car payment, but hey, at least it's a small one!

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  1. So glad someone in the family could take avantage of that Clunker offer. Yea for you guys.