Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We bought a little 6-person blow-up boat with paddles and took it out onto our nearby "Lake" Solano. It's really a river, but not really even river enough to be called a river either. Okay, so it is what comes downstream from Monticello Dam and Lake Berreyessa.

This was so much fun! We brought a lunch out, and really enjoyed wandering around on our little boat together as a family. We definitely plan on taking it out again very soon, and we're hoping to go somewhere a little more exciting (but not too exciting, we have an almost 2 year old along for the ride!)

I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful little family that I get to have so much fun with!

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  1. Okay, why is that darn families blinkee posting with every picasa post???

  2. Holy cow. Joel looks like a cross between a WWF wrestler and a Nascar driver. Grrr!