Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom and Alex Date Night!

Date night with Alex. Except I didn't call it date night when talking to him because it would make him hate it, silly boy. We drove around town looking for a fun place to hang out. We landed on Cultive Frozen yogurt where you get to put on your own toppings. He wanted all the same toppings that I had. (So of course I picked toppings I knew he loved) After frozen yougurt we were planning to go walk around the bookstore (his idea), but we were called home by a baby who had woken up and wouldn't stop crying. So, next time Alex! I love you and had so much fun hanging out with just me and you, it's been too long!!
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  1. How fun, mommy & son time. Kathy when he is grown he will remember it and treasure it.