Monday, August 17, 2009


This is the Garden however many months later. I need to look, but I think 4 months later. It is doing really well, especially for my 1st garden! The pumpkings are doing the best, and the cucumber and green beans have been delicious and are still doing really well!

We also have watermelon, and canteloupe. We had strawberries, and carrots and lettuce, but we pulled them out. We ate all the carrots, very yummy (sorry I forgot to take pictures). And I really enjoyed the lettuce, but that's just it only I enjoyed the lettuce, and the pumpkin was taking over it so I pulled it out so the pumpkins could have more room. The strawberries failed miserably.

So here are a few things I've learned this year: I need a BIGGER garden! And I learned that pumpkins and watermelon and canteloupe and cucumbers all take a lot of room! So next year I will do a lot better!

If you look at the very top left picture that is the pumpkin vining out really far from the garden.

It has definitely been a fun adventure that everyone, the kids and even my husband, have really enjoyed!! Can't wait to carve all those pumpkins!!

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  1. yeah, that squash family is a space hog! some people here plant them instead of a lawn.

  2. You could get netting and a couple of poles and grow them vertically.

  3. I understand strawberries don't ever do well the first year but do great the following few years untill they start to go downhill and have to be pulled. The garden has really grown since June! Looks great!