Sunday, March 25, 2012

Should have listened!

So, there are these commercials on tv that are telling you that you've lost everything...and that you need to backup your hard drive. And then my cousin Sarah shared a post where she lost a whole year's worth of pictures.

So, did I listen to any of these warnings? Of course not! My computer crashed. Now I too have lost everything. Well not everything because at one point I backed everything up on our Book thing. But I hadn't done it recently:(

Anyway, I have also been really bad at taking pictures, and even worse at uploading them to the computer, so I have all of 2012 still on my camera, thank goodness!

Other than that, we're doing great. Loving our home. Still homeschooling. My little baby got all of his kindergarten shots, tear:( Joel is loving his calling at church with the young men. I'm loving teaching the 11 year olds. Katelyn is in young womens-still can't believe that one. Alex has made a ton of new friends on our street, there's always someone knocking our door to see if he can play. We're loving life!

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