Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas piano party

Some of my piano students. I have 20 students, and 14 came. I always want to get a picture with all of us in it but always forget! I'm so glad I remembered this time!
This was a totally casual piano party, no parents allowed! Only some kids wanted to play the piano, and I didn't make everybody play. After all, it was a PARTY!

We had pizza, and chips, and cookies, and brownies, and hot chocolate and marshmallows, and carrots and tangerines for dinner. Totally easy, and just what the kids like! We made little ornaments. They were supposed to bring them home, but most of them put them on my tree. I love all my students they are all such awesome kids! We played "four corners", hide and go seek in the dark with glowsticks, the Wii, sang some carols, and my sweet husband did some card magic tricks. It was a BLAST! And the only complaint that I had was that it wasn't LONG enough! I'll probably do this again next year, and I guess it will just have to be longer!

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