Friday, August 26, 2011

A few sneak peaks at our home

Not the greatest pictures because my camera died and I'm using my phone for all of these pictures. But this is the boys' room that is painted. There's still some organizing and decorating to do in there.

I just had to throw this in because Ben made a big mess with the packing material and I was cleaning it up, and he came running up the stairs and said, "That's my mess, I'm going to clean it up!" Then he took the vaccum from me and cleaned it all up!

This is my garage floor. This floor was a lot of work. We used my dad's pressure washer and he got most of the old gross paint off the floor. Then the guys putting in our new carpet let me borrow a scraper tool and I worked for over 2 hours on my hands and knees scraping off the stubborn paint. Then my dad came back, pressure washed it again to get it all sparkly clean. Scrubbed it clean. And then he and Joel painted with the apoxy paint for a beautiful garage floor. Now if only we can find the time to go through all of the boxes that are still in the garage so I can see the pretty floor again:(

Our front door needs a lot of work. We need to put the screen door on. Paint the front door, can't decide what color yet. I like this color, it matches the trim of our house, but we'll see. I also made the curtain in the front window, and didn't even realize that it matched my door!

Our downstairs bathroom is in the middle of a remodel. We got a new toilet. Ripped out the old countertop, put in a new counter and faucet. Now we have to put in new baseboards, and repaint the walls, and I'd also like to paint the cabinet.

We had a door on our master bedroom, but it had a huge hole in it and there was no door knob, and no way to put one in. So we bought a new door and new door knob. I love this door and slowly we are going to turn all of our doors into these doors!

An eagle eye's view of our front room and beautiful new carpet. Since this picture I've moved things around a little. I put bookshelves on the wall where the halltree is, and moved the halltree to the wall on the bottom left of the picture. I'm also going to add in some nice chairs. One of these days we're going to buy a new sectional sofa. But that's probably a little ways off.

This is the kids' bathroom. We put in a new toilet. We bought a new curtain and a new rug that's not in this picture. Also we hung hooks on the wall instead of a towel rack because my kids have hooded towels and I'm trying to get them in the habit of using them instead of using a different towel every day, leaving them on the floor all over the house. It's halfway working, and my laundry pile has already showed improvement. Now if only I can get them to stop putting clean clothes in dirty hampers and vice versa!

Katelyn's room. It has gotten a lot more done to it since this picture, like she actually has a bed frame instead of mattresses on the floor. And she has a bunch of pictures on the wall.

Well, that's it for now. We have lots and lots of projects, and it's kind of overwhelming. But I'm trying to tell myself that we'll be here for a very long time and there's plenty of time to get it all done!

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  1. It looks great Kathy! Keep posting them .. I love to see them!