Friday, May 27, 2011


My children are starting to get older, and this is becoming more and more evident in many ways, but I am especially starting to notice it because of how much they sleep! Especially little miss Katelyn. It used to be that my children would sneak downstairs to watch cartoons while I was asleep, or they would come into my room to wake me up (at 7 am). But now it's 8:47 am and they are ALL still sleeping and I have been up for almost 2 hours with all this time to myself. It's very interesting... I've checked my email, facebook, and blogs, read 3 articles from the recent General Conference talks, and have time to sit and do a little blogging myself. And to make things even better my sweet husband has been getting up before he goes to work every day and cleans the kitchen for me! It's so sweet that that little act of kindness has improved my days exponentially. I cook more, I play with the kids more, I teach the kids more, I relax more! I would have to say that life is really great!

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