Friday, September 11, 2009


Homeschool week one is almost over, and has gone really great! I'm not waking up as early I'd like because I've been staying up late transcribing. So we've been running a little behind and the kids haven't been doing their chores because of it. Transcribing is done and chores will start next week!

Benjamin has been a trooper, and loves to be a part of the school work, he has coloring books and crayons and pencils and his very own little desk. He does like to jump on Bubba when he's sitting on the floor doing his work though...

Alex (Bubba) is doing great with all of his work and is already ahead. He learns really quickly. His handwriting on the other hand is going to need some work. He is enjoying science and is having a lot of fun going around the house measuring all sorts of things.

Katelyn is loving homeschool and is really enjoying the book she is reading and is asking to read it during her breaks--this has NEVER happened before. I'm so very excited for that. Her work is coming along really well. There's a lot more work for a 4th grader and so we are having to adjust our schedule and might end up spending more time in the school room than I would like.

Most of all I am just loving having my sweet kids home with me all day. They are getting along pretty well with eachother, and it's nice to not have to hear about friends at school being mean. Who knew I'd be a homeschooling mom?

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  1. Wow, good for you! I don't think I'd have the patience for it, but it would be fun to learn along with them things I've forgotten. Hope it's a great year for you guys.