Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One more Six Flags!!

Katelyn, Alex and Lily looking at
the walrus. No they didn't pee their pants.
They sat on rides that the rain had made wet!

Grandpa and Lily looking at something

We rode the carousel to get shelter from the rain.

Sam using his map as a shield from the rain!

Yes, they are petting a donkey. Katelyn, Alex
Sam, and Steve and grandma in the background.

My sister's husband flew in and we took all the kids and we convinced grandma and grandpa to buy season passes! (Yeah! now they can come with us!!) Unfortunately it was raining! It was okay at first because it would sprinkle and then stop. But after we had been there only a couple hours it started to pour and never stopped! So, we were drenched! That didn't stop us though! We stayed until almost closing! Grandma took two sleeping kids inside where they had some chairs while we took the big kids to ride some rides! Thanks grandma!!


  1. Alex looks so much bigger than he did a few months ago! He must have had one heck of a growth spurt!I almost didn't recognize him!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog..and what a cute family!